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SOKKI family – who are you?

SOKKI is literally a family business – the whole family is involved in the process of creating socks. We adults are responsible for the big things – business management, logistics, communication and relationship with clients. Meanwhile the younger family members help in smaller but still very important duties, for instance packing the socks or delivering them. The youngest one, Ernests, gives us energy in the hardest moments. We call him the bundle of joy as he always radiates pure joy and no one can stay indifferent to this. The little one has grown together with SOKKI. While he was growing in mum’s belly, the idea of creating socks was also cherished. After his birth he took part in all the processes. For all of us SOKKI came as a blessing as it was a chance for both of the parents to spend a lot of time at home together with the baby during his first year. And this is the time when baby develops the sense of security and the attitudes towards this world.

Shortly introduce with your everyday and lifestyle!

There are three children growing up in this family. So naturally almost 100% of our free time is dedicated to them – school, sports, common walks, table games and never-ending conversations. Our kids know a lot and always want to learn more, therefore they wouldn’t stop until they find out everything to the bits. Often we need to seek help at Google auntie as their questions for a while already are way beyond our knowledge. Kids are our teachers. Thanks to them we get to know a lot of new things about ourselves and the unknown wonders of the creation of this world.

In our family the topic of nature is very important – the eldest sons are interested in everything related to nature and all the living creatures. It was one of the many reasons why we moved from Riga to Sigulda and why we arranged their studies in Laurencu primary school. This school is located in a unique and very beautiful place in the territory of Gauja National park. We cannot imagine a school more appropriate for the studies and development of our inquisitive children.

When and how was the idea of socks’ business born?

The idea to create our own socks was born when we realized that none of the available socks satisfies us. We live a very active lifestyle and we have high requirements towards the quality and comfort. It is important for us that the clothes we wear are natural, comfortable and in no way restricting us. The socks we used until now were either beautiful or comfortable, never both. Mostly they were made from materials that are not natural and not friendly to the nature. And then we decided – if we cannot buy the socks we want, we should create them ourselves!

When the third child was born we started to think more and more about the footprint we leave on this Earth. Once we found a list of 10 things that shows you’re responsible towards this planet. And we were surprised discovering that we are unconsciously following all of these 10 things!

Did you have any previous experience in the fashion business? Or do you learn and grow together with SOKKI?

We have been only consumers in the fashion business but with rather high standards for clothing quality and comfort. There are so many new things in this business that we are happily learning. But our previous experience of starting new businesses helps a lot. Mostly we improve our knowledge of social networks and digital marketing as we believe that the internet is the future shopping environment.

How do you choose the patterns and colours?

We are not artists. Therefore, we trust this to professionals. Together with the designer we choose different patterns with different colour schemes that we adjust according to the latest fashion trends. Then we ask our closest friends and the loyal SOKKI clients to choose their preferences and as a result we get the most popular combinations. When we were creating the first collections we included a combination that no one really voted for, and later we saw that indeed no one really bought this particular mode.

How was the first time trying on SOKKI? Do you still have other socks in your wardrobe?

The first time was wonderful! After receiving the first samples that we were really looking for we went to the city park. It was a very sunny summer day. In the park on the bench together with our designer we started to try on the socks and analyse the results. The by-passers were rather amused about these people trying on so many colourful socks. It was such a joy that we managed to realize all of the planned qualities. But I must admit that we improved even those great samples, therefore the ones available for customers now are even better!

Now once in a while we get some socks from the past out of our drawers. And we realize once again that our SOKKI choice has been the best one.

What are the ideas for the SOKKI future? Is there any hope for stylish SOKKI underwear or gloves or anything else?

We have many different ideas. We’re thinking about underwear, about comfortable shirts – everything that has a contact with the skin. We must say that often we match the colours of the socks with shirts and other clothes, therefore extended collections could be very interesting. But at first we want to expand the socks’ offer as men with larger feet and kids are also looking forward to SOKKI that would fit them.

What are the ideas for the SOKKI family future?

Our main goal is to raise children that are knowing, responsible, able to think for themselves and full of initiatives. Maybe it sounds like a cliché but it truly is our greatest task and challenge. Since very early age we let the kids look into the world of adults. It helps them understand that the things they learn at school will be useful in the future. We teach them the virtue of work and that man can be truly happy doing what he loves the most and putting big effort in it. We teach them the real value of money as the happiness doesn’t lie in the material world. It is not easy as the society often pushes its own values. But we believe in a better world and that all the changes we have to start in ourselves first.

Photo by Armands Beļakovs-Ceimers, www.tikkodzimis.lv

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